Angels Among Us

So the coolest thing happened to me.  I don't really have a strong belief in anything divine or religious but I don''t discredit it either.  

Last year, my grandparents passed away.  My grandma (Nonie) in January and my grandpa (Nono) in October.  We were really close.  My family lived with them when I was little and then Jake and I lived with them throughout their last years to help take care of them so that they could stay in their home a little bit longer.  During the times where I didn't live with them, I saw them almost every day.

Over the summer (a little over a year after my nonie passed away), an unknown number called me while I was in class.  She left a message.  It was an older woman and the message said:
"Hi honey...this is your Nonie.  I was just thinking about you and wanted to tell you that I loved you!"

Needless to say, I lost it...right there in the library bathroom.  I felt like my Nonie was sending me a message.  It meant so much to me.  I tried to call the woman back to let her know that she had the wrong number but that I was happy that she dialed incorrectly. She didn't answer.

Today, 3 months later, the same number called.  This time I answered.  
"Hi was your day today?"
"Hi...I think you have the wrong number, but, are you a Nonie?"
"I'm so sorry! I've done that before but yes, I am a Nonie"

I told her how much her last message meant to me and that my nonie had recently passed away and her message felt like a hug from my grandma.  We got to talking and guess what? She and my nonie were cousins. Her and I had never met and didn't even know about the other.  She dialed my number, both times, completely by accident.  
We ended up talking for about 20 minutes about her family, my family, and memories of my grandparents.  It was so amazing.  
The last thing she said before she hung up was:
"As long as I'm around honey, you still have a Nonie that loves you."

I wrote this post in tears.  But the happiest of tears.  
Thank you, Lola, for accidentally calling me twice.  It means more than you will ever know.


Fall Wallpapers

I am loving these Autumn- inspired iphone/ipad wallpapers from Wonder Forest!  I am currently using the gold, glittery one.  I am a sucker for all that is gold.  Enjoy!


If I could be friends with people I like on the internet...

Do you ever just find a website, blog, instagram, etc. of a person and think "Whoa, we would make such good friends!" It happens to me a little bit too often.  Maybe its because you get to look into their lives a little deeper than you would have if you had just met them face to face.  Or maybe you would have clicked right away if you had met them face to face first.  

I always feel a little bit creepy when this happens to me but I know that I am not the only person that does it.  Personally I have come across so many ladies that I think my life could be better with them as friends but thats just not how life works.  Sometimes, I even come across people that live in my own town when I hashtag things from around my city (and then I see them around, feel like a I know them a little bit, and feel like a giant weirdo).  

I wonder what it would be like if, when this happened, you could just message the person and tell them! I'm sure you could, but I feel like most people wouldn't react so positively if they received a message from some rando that basically says "Hey! I've been stalking your life through this website and I think we could be besties...wanna hang out?!"But then how cool would it be if they then stalked you back and everything worked out wonderfully?!  

There is one girl in particular who  has a blog that I just love.  I've read her blog every day for years now and I think she is so neat...I just think we could be such good friends (beside the fact that she lives on the other side of the country).  I've even had dreams (2 of them) about meeting her and becoming instantly inseparable (too creepy?).  But really, we have a lot of the same interests, opinions, and hobbies...I just don't see how it could go wrong!

I think, ladies (and gents), that we should start to be more open about this! After all, we do live in a world of technology and its only gonna get worse.  I'm pretty sure my life would be much more exciting if I could be friends with all of the people who's lives I like looking, think about how amazing it would be to have good friends all over the world!  You would never need a tour guide or a hotel again!


(P.S. This is the first time I have blogged in almost a year, I hope to get back to it and keep it going!)

Oh. Hey Monday.

This week is going to be my week!!
Although it's not my first choice of how I want to spend my every day, I will be:
Getting the house clean and ready for our new roomie to move in.
I will be knocking out a fatty research paper.
I will be putting in extra hours at work. 
I will be studying for an exam for next week.
I will be starting on my Praxis practice book so that I can hopefully take in in January.
I will be dedicating much needed gym time to my body.  

Sounds so great, right? No.  But a positive attitude and a proactive mindset can make this work so much better.  
As I was, ahem, procrastinating this morning I found some helpful study tips posted by Nicole and Gypsy and Jasper that she plans on using to help her stay motivated while she works from home.  Maybe they can help all of us as well!

1. Boost productivity and focus by forcing yourself to have only ONE application open at a time on your computer when you’re working. Allow only a 10-minute window at the end of each hour to check email accounts and social media sites.  

2. The key to staying productive is recognizing the difference between using household chores to avoid work and taking a 3-minute mental break for laundry, a quick stretch or sprint up and down the steps to get your blood moving.  

I will always choose cleaning over working...and I loathe cleaning.  This is my studying downfall.

3. Although there are a lot of great informative, interesting and educational shows on television, the workday isn’t the time to be doing all that “learning.” Instead of frittering away hours in front of the tube (or the YouTube) turn that digital distraction into a reward for a good day’s work.

4. Simple awareness of your workday habits, bumping up your discipline and creating balance between work and leisure are your best weapons in the fight against wasted time and negative productivity.

Here are some of my go-to playlists if you are planning on having a week like mine!
For Homework 
For the Gym
For the Library
Good Mood Food

Happy Monday All!!


Man do I suck at posting while school is in session.  Not that I really am doing all too much school work this semester but I feel guilty if I open my computer and don't do school work.  So I just don't open my laptop.  Good denial skills, right?

Anyway...since my last post, things have been a little crazy, so I'm thinking instagram would be the best way to update .
1. My parents got a new puppy.  She is a St. Bernard named
 Koda. In the last month she has doubled in size.
2. I bought my brother this Crested Gecko for his 14th birthday.  
If you are a reptile lover, I suggest taking a look at one of these cool
 things.  His name is Widget!
3.4.5. My martial arts school had it's black belt test this weekend.  This year
I got to be one of the year, I'll be a tester! Now our school has
two new first degrees (white & blue) and a new second degree (white & black).
I'm that super short person way to the left.
6. My babe and I at the pumpkin patch.  It took us 45 minutes to get through that darn corn maze. 
 1.2. Work Halloween Party!
3. My favorite little child and myself 
4. Jake's totally awesome pumpkin!
5. My pumpkin....did not turn out the way I planned :(
6. My dad rocked it as Speedy Gonzalez for Halloween!

Also, in the middle of all of this, my grandpa passed away.  Of course my heart was in pieces but for him, it was a good thing and that is what matters.  I will be dedicating an entire post to this wonderful man sometime this week.

Sorry to end on what seems like a sad note, but really, I am consoled and content in the fact that he was truly ready to be with his wife again.